About us

We are Scott and Marline We love animals and have always surrounded ourselves with animals of all kinds.We have become expert at keeping a variety of animals and people in a harmonious habitat, bringing all sorts of wonderful and exotic together in one big happy family. We know that we are  a social family, and as such we  are always searching for a  relationship with others , and that would include our pets. Science finds that people with a  lack of social support tend to be more vulnerable to infection or disease, so it is important to our own well being that we love and maintain our pets as part of our loving family. We made this website to share the fun and helpful products for our pets that are available to purchase on the internet. We are sharing the links to these products, along with an affiliate code imbeded  which allows us to receive a small fee from the product providers or manufacturers of these fine products. We hope that you find this website as fun to read as it was for us to create.

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