Arthritis Care Guide

dog xray arthritis care

Growing old is part of life for all of us, and that is true for our pets as well. Many animals will develop joint disease at some point.Some cases are mild, or unnoticeable to you.
But other times it is a severe, painful disease, severely affecting the very quality of your pet’s life, even causing lameness. Most cases are in between. Sometimes pets will get joint disease at a young age, but usually symptoms don’t show until the pet is older. Dogs tend to be more likely than cats for arthritis, with bigger dog breeds the most vulnerable.
Common symptoms of arthritis are limping, stiffness,difficulty in getting up, not wanting to to jump up on a chair, and obvious pain.  Our guide to arthritis care pet products contains real world solutions to help you improve the quality of life for your pet.

Management of arthritis

Because surgery can be very expensive,the best treatment options readily available are to ensure your pet gets regular exercise, a specially designed diet, specific arthritis medication, and pain management. For the better results, a combination of these methods should be followed.


Exercise is crucial to stopping and even reversing the symptoms of arthritis in your pet.  Exercises that are good for abating arthritis symptoms are swimming, leash walking,  walking on treadmills. These provide range of motion and muscle training and are gentle on joints. See our excellent doggy treadmill review.  Regular exercise is the key to your pet getting better, daily exercise would be the best. Exercise on the weekend only, for example, would likely just make the animal more sore and not want to move at all for the rest of the week.

missing link arthritis blend dog foodWeight Management

Helping a pet to lose weight would be a giant step towards controlling the arthritis. Creating a more healthful diet is one of the best things that you can do to increase the quality of life for your pet. The benefits of a better diet can be seen very quickly, with just one aspect being an improvement to their joint pains. Missing Link has a perfect dog food created just for arthritic pets, with it’s specially designed blend of glucosamine, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phyto (plant) nutrients that will make marked improvements in your pet’s joint condition.Missing Link Ultimate Hip & Joint Dog, 5 LB. A different approach would be to useHealthy K9, which is a totally unique product that really delivers the health benefits, showing us how to make more healthful dog food from people’s food products Click Here.  If you make the effort to change your pet’s diet, and stick with it, your pet will show good improvement.

Warm Comfortable Sleep

pet-sweaterAsk a person suffering with arthritis and they will tell you that cold and damp weather will seemingly worsen their symptoms. Making sure your dog stays warm, will help to reduce discomfort. If You can, raise the temperature in your home. A doggy sweater could help keep your dog a little warmer as well, helping keep those arthritic joints warm.foam-mattress

Providing a comfortable and firm orthopedic foam bed will help your pet with joint pains to rest comfortably.
Beds with dome-shaped, orthopedic foam distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on joints. They are also much easier for the pet to get out of. Place the bed in a warm spot away from drafts.


The experts are mostly agreed on the effectiveness of glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate in treating  chronic pet arthritis. Cosamin DS has shown to be effective in U.S. published clinical studies and is suggested to help support Joint Comfort & Mobility. Tcosequin-his supplement is fairly side effect free. If you see that your pet is having a bad day, you can give him some carprofen, which is the canine version of ibuprofen. Dogs are a little more sensitive to this than humans, so just be aware of possible bad reaction. Look for
behavior changes, loss of appetite, skin redness, or diarrhea or vomiting, and if you spot any of those symptoms, discontinue use. You should not start the use of any medication without the OK from a vet.

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